The 5 best beauty products for gradual results: From straightening to smoothing

I hate to have to wait. Perhaps the instant gratification of internet-based life these days is to blame, or maybe a dwindling attention span is just a feature of my personality. But even I know not to expect immediate results from every single thing I try.

Take exercising. It took me a long time to realise that there is no quick fix, and that looking slim and feeling confident in the summer is the result of healthy decisions throughout the year. If you've spent the last month sweating in the gym and being inventive with kale, you're probably only just seeing the benefits.

5 unusual uses for your beauty products

Perfecting your beauty routine is both a science and an art. The most expert among us move like beauty ninjas, doubling down on multitasking products and hacking solutions to everyday beauty challenges. As true innovators, these experts will tell you to always think beyond a product's "how-to-use" directions. Here, we've rounded up some of the best unusual uses for what's already in your beauty bag to help you rethink your routine.

H&M Introduces Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

Tree-huggers unite! H&M is expanding its current beauty line with nearly 30 new eco-friendly cosmetics. Not only are the formulas created with the environment in mind, the packaging will also be available in recyclable materials.

In a statement H&M Beauty's Concept Designer Sara Wallander explained, "We already offer conscious choices with our fashion collections so it is natural for us to have the same offering within our beauty collection.

20 Truly Spectacular Beauty Products Under $20

I’m very, very good at finding incredible things that aren’t expensive. I’m an unapologetic fast-fashion advocate, I can forage any cheesy mall store and emerge with a respectable outfit, and I understand the thrill of a particularly successful Marshall’s or TJ Maxx run. That skill also applies to beauty.
As much as I like the feeling of unboxing a beautifully-packaged Chanel lipstick or slathering on a ridiculously overpriced skin cream, I know for a fact there’s a cheaper version out there somewhere. It may not come in a gilded package, but it’s made with the same ingredients and does the exact same thing.

The Korean Beauty Subscription Service Product Junkies NEED to Try

I first became addicted to Korean beauty—or K-beauty, as it’s often referred to—when a friend introduced me to a handful of stores in New York’s Chinatown neighborhood that almost exclusively Korean products. I was obsessed with the thrill of $1.99 sheet masks that promised to fix every type of ailment, and found the cute, kitschy packaging hard to resist. If you shop at Urban Outfitters, you’ve probably seen one of my all-time favorite brands, Tony Moly (which has recently expanded with its own stores in New York) that’s known for selling face mists shaped like bunnies and skin care packaged as pieces of fruit.

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